Rodzaje systemów kotwiących znajdujących się w ofercie naszej firmy:

– Kotwy nośne płaskownikowe
– Kotwy nośne rurowe
– Kotwy stabilizujące
– Kotwy rusztowaniowe

Ankora Sp. z o.o.
Józefa Piłsudskiego 23
32-050 Skawina, Poland
NIP: 945-209-02-36
tel: 12 256 05 20
fax: 12 256 05 21


Ankora Lts. is well known and respected manufacturer of anchors for fixing a stone facade. Dry mounting technology installation attaching stone slabs to building walls using appropriate anchors, without mortar between the stone and the wall. The anchoring elements are made of stainless steel – they do not erode and are immune for humitdity or wind. All anchors manufactured by our company have technical approval ITB (Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw).
Here you may download the technical catalogue of anchors